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Fractional Fibroblast


Plasma technology is the latest treatment here at L.A.B Aesthetics, used to tighten sagging skin and smooth lines and wrinkles. Perfect for around the eyes if you are considering Blepharoplasty this may prevent you from resorting to going under the knife. Offering a safer and quicker recovery time.

The Jett Medical Plasma pen comes with several attachments for facial rejuvenation, including the silver tips as pictured to the left. These are a no needle equivalent to mesotherapy using plasma technology to penetrate beneficial ingredients deep into the epidermis. The % of product penetration from traditional micro needling is 24-27% and plasma silver tip is a whopping 40-60%!  There is around a 5-10 day downtime with the gold tip (which creates the carbon crusts) including swelling and redness, some clients with more pronounced sagging, or deeper wrinkles may need several treatments to achieve desired results. Once you are happy results can last around 12+ months with correct aftercare and spf daily. 

You can see the huge difference from using Jett , the carbon crusts are much smaller and less traumatic healing. The first few days will be swollen and red (especially around the eyes)  you are advised to take antihistamines, ice and keep head elevated. Over the next week the small scabs will start to drop off PLEASE do not pick! All appointments include a full skin analysis and health consultation to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Please be aware you must stay out of the sun for several weeks prior and apply spf as maintenance.

Register your interest today, or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please select the special offer when booking and specify what area you are interested in having treated, the normal pricing is still on there and you can see the massive saving we are offering at this time! 

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