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Polynucleotides are biostimulators, meaning they initiate skin regeneration. Isn't that the main function of all HA-based skin boosters? Yes, but polynucleotides work more like food or medicine for the cells, causing them to produce collagen and elastin in a more significant way. They also enhance the extra cellular matrix, which is the layer of the skin that contains fibroblasts, and they have anti-inflammatory properties. These are stretchable molecules called biopolymers, which are created from fish DNA fragments that have been taken from salmon or trout sperm and closely resemble human DNA. They can treat scarring, pigmentation, dark circles and rosacea to name a few. Like all skin booster sessions you should look to have a course of sessions for optimal results. How many is dependant on the condition of your skin and what results you are hoping to achieve. We recommend to aim for 2 or 3 sessions 3 -4 weeks apart

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